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Welcome to Pure, Simple and Amazing Inc. Homeopathic Family Practice

Welcome to Pure, Simple and Amazing Inc. Homeopathic Family Practice

Welcome to Pure, Simple and Amazing Inc. Homeopathic Family PracticeWelcome to Pure, Simple and Amazing Inc. Homeopathic Family Practice

The Team



Hannah immigrated to Canada from Europe in 1999 after graduating from University. She began studying and looking for holistic modalities that can heal a person and prevent illness rather than simply remove symptoms. She completed a degree in Applied Kinesiology in 2004. Hannah found major changes in her own personal health and wellness through homeopathic treatment and was inspired to train at The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine to become a homeopath, where she graduated with top honours. Her research work was with Homeopathic treatment of HIV/AIDS. In 2016 she travelled to Tanzania to train with Homeopaths for Health in Africa, working with patients who are affected by HIV/AIDS and other ailments. Hannah has worked with patients of all ages, including pediatric, suffering from chronic disease, including cancer, infertility, arthritis, eczema and psoriasis, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation. She is a registered Homeopath, certified Colon Hydrotherapist. 

Hannah is a member of NUPATH, CSOH, OHA, OHMA and is registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.   

She completed a post graduate year at CCHM, while running her family practice and working in 2 Toronto clinics. Hannah won a scholarship to study Classical Homeopathy Essentials in Acute and Chronic Prescribing with Dr. Andre Saine in Montreal in Spring 2017.


Hannah is available at her Toronto clinic and Aurora private practice Monday to Friday.

In Tanzania, Africa - reach out clinic
with Jeremy Sherr in Africa, Homeopathy for Health in Africa

Naomi Sung RMT, Reflexologist, CUPPING PRACTITIONER

In the early 2000's Naomi was searching for a change in her life; after being a busy Mom and wife, she had the urge to make a shift in the direction her life would take. Her personal coach was critical piece in her life change decision making and career choice. After a few weeks of soul searching Naomi was able to discover her passion, and a life long commitment to learning in order to fulfil her desire to help others. Naomi has been practicing reflexology professionally since 2002; however, her father began showing her how to massage the family for wellness when she was a child. She brings enthusiasm and a unique perspective to her practice, promoting relaxation and stress relief for the body; she is preparing clients to practice self-care, promoting exercises and stretches between treatments. Continuing her commitment to lifelong learning, Naomi graduated as a Registered Massage Therapist in 2012 .


Maureen Reyes L.P.N. - B.E.L.T Tech , CUPPING PRACTITIONER

Maureen immigrated to Canada from Philippines in 2015 after graduating as a Practical Nurse in 2012. Here in Canada, Maureen has been continuing her professional development. In 2016 she achieved her Medical Office Administrator diploma and is currently completing her certification as a physiotherapist and occupational therapist assistant. When her grandmother and her sisters were diagnosed with cancer, her desire to help people grew. She took care of her grandmother until her last breath. This was her inspiration to continue to grow and learn in the medical field. The pursuit of new learning and growing has led Maureen to join our team as of September 2019. She will be providing BELD treatments and Ionic Detox Footbath treatments. In her free time she watches a lot of surgeries, documentaries and, basically, anything she can find about medicine and healing.


Joanna Nanowski - Receptionist

Joanna immigrated to Canada from Poland in 1987 after graduating University with a Master’s Degree in Education. Joanna comes from a family of educators (Mom, sisters-in-law, two aunts, uncle and a cousin - all teachers) and this is where she realized that her calling had deep roots in her upbringing. Joanna grew up surrounded by countless books and students with inspiring backgrounds and stories.

Joanna started her career teaching primary and junior grades abroad. After arriving in Canada, she decided to dedicate her passion for teaching towards helping newcomers, people who had to deal with the same or similar challenges she had encountered as an immigrant upon arriving in Canada. Joanna received her TESL certificate in 2001 and and started working for the TCDSB, first in the ESL then the LINC sector. She has been an Ontario Certified English Language Teacher since 2016. In her close to 30 years teaching, she has met and worked closely with people of many walks of life and from all over the world. She has developed great rapport with many of her students and several friendships have blossomed over the years. 

Looking to pursue a new passion but continuing to help others, Joanna joined our team in September 2019. 

In her free time Joanna enjoys going on long walks with her dog, listening to music, reading, and watching old black and white and National Geographic movies. 


Rose Williams B.A., M.Ed, LEIP OCT - General Manager of the Clinic

Rose began her professional career as an elementary classroom teacher in 1969, keenly motivated to make a difference in people’s lives from a young age. She moved on to a consulting role, helping teachers develop new strategies for personalizing or individualizing classroom instruction and resources. After 10 years she began a laboratory education internship program through the University of California at Los Angeles, a Master’s degree program involving adult education in the business and private sectors as well as human relations. Following this training she was involved in a variety of business ventures, management training and development, non-profit housing design, construction and innovative property management systems. During this time period, Rose’s childhood interest in anything to do with health, was always in the background but since computers at that time had basically no memory capacity, she read whatever came across her path – books, journals, magazines, interviews - to find natural healthy ways to eat, live, work and heal, so she could share them with others. Her great aunt taught her about growing edible flowers, herbs and vegetables, but increasingly, people were turning away from those for the sake of convenience. Intuitively, she has always believed that our bodies can heal themselves. She didn’t know how to use her knowledge and experience to the best advantage. 

Once computers evolved and search engines allowed anyone to access anything, Rose was always checking new research, new products and new discoveries in health. When she met Hannah, she recognized she had found someone significant who had the knowledge, skills and experience in natural medicine and principles she shared. She came to understand that Homeopathy, encompasses what she intuitively knew all along about the body’s ability to heal when given what it needs. Since then they have worked together for many years on various projects and ventures until the present time. Rose is 72 and, thanks to Hannah and Homeopathy, still teaches full time Kindergarten and helps to manage Homeopathic Family Practice, supporting Hannah in whatever way is needed.